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3D Printing search for term

a form of additive manufacturing technology where a 3D dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material based on the geometry of a digital 3D model.

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Acceleration search for term

A change in speed over a period of time is described as an acceleration; the higher the acceleration the faster the change in speed.

Accumulator search for term

a robot mechanism designed to pick up a large number of similar objects.

Ackermann Steering search for term

all the wheels move in the same direction.

Actuation search for term

to put into action or movement.

Actuator search for term

a servomechanism that supplies and transmits a measured amount of energy for the operation of another mechanism or system.

Animate search for term

the simulation of movement, used to demonstrate how the finished product will move.

Assemblies search for term

the process of putting together a number of parts to make a machine or product.

Assembly Drawings search for term

a set of working drawings used in engineering that depict complete details of all components.

Autonomous search for term

allows the robot to perform desired tasks without human guidance.

Autonomously search for term

the ability of the robot to make decisions for itself based a pre-programmed algorithm.

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Bevel Gear search for term

conically shaped gear which transmits power between shafts that have intersecting axes of motion.

Bi-directional communication search for term

two way communication between the robot and the joystick.

Bill of Materials search for term

A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of the parts or components that are required to build a product. The BOM provides the manufacturer's part number (MPN) and the quantity needed for each component.

Bottom Up Modeling search for term

beginning new part design from a new sketch and then building the part model up from there.

Browser Menu search for term

the point of access for the various areas of the software program.

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CAD Models search for term

Computer-aided design (CAD), also known as computer-aided drafting. It is the use of computersystems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. It is used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (2D) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (3D) space. CAD or Computer Aided Design is an important industrial art that is used in many applications in the design process.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) search for term

the computer that filters the information collected from the sensors and responds by making decisions using logic.

Chamfers search for term

a placed feature that bevels part edges in both the part and assembly environments.

Classical Mechanics search for term

a branch of physics that deals with the motion of bodies based on Isaac Newton's laws of mechanics. It accurately describes the motion of objects from molecules to galaxies. It is one of the oldest subjects in science.

Claw search for term

a sharp, curved protrusion at the end of a structure that is used for grasping.

Coefficient of Friction search for term

a constant that describes the “grippyness” of two surfaces sliding against one another.

Compound Gear Reduction search for term

a design may require more mechanical advantage than a single gear ratio can provide or is otherwise impractical. For example, if a VEX Robot Design requires a 12:500 gear ratio it is a problem; there is no 500-tooth gear available. In this situation, a designer can use multiple gear reductions in the same mechanism; this is called a compound gear reduction.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) search for term

the use of a computer program to create a technical drawing.

Constraints search for term

restrictions on the parts of an assembly to control each part’s freedom of motion.

Control search for term

the system that exercises influence over the product. It allows for management and adjustment during operation.

Control System search for term

coordinates all aspects of the robot.

Conveyance search for term

the act of transporting.

Conveyor search for term

a mechanical apparatus that transports materials, packages, or items being assembled from one place to another.

Cost Benefit search for term

a comparison between the level of task difficulty and the benefit gained from successfully completing the task.

Crown Gear search for term

type of bevel gear in which the teeth project perpendicular to the gear face.

Current search for term

the flow of an electric charge through a medium.

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DC Motor search for term

an electric motor that runs on direct current (DC) electricity.

Debugging search for term

the locating and repairing of mistakes in a computer program.

Defining Objectives search for term

Asking, "What are the components of the game that will determine success?"

Degrees of Freedom search for term

the number of directions a part can move within an assembly.

Design search for term

the process where the preliminary sketch or the plans for work to be executed is prepared.

Design Presentation search for term

a coordinated packaged presentation, usually for a review committee. It is created to show off the features of the product.

Design Review search for term

demonstrates that the design meets all system requirements. It is conducted after design efforts. This review is the first opportunity for the team to closely observe the design.

Downloading search for term

the copying or transfer of data into the memory of a computer from another computer.

Drive Wheel search for term

the wheel to which power is transferred; used to propel the robot forward.

Drivetrain search for term

the robotics subsystem that provides the ability to move around the field.

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Elasticity search for term

the property of a substance that enables it to resume its original shape or size when a distorting force is removed.

Elevator search for term

a linear movement of an appendage.

Energy search for term

the transfer of power that can be used to do work.

Engineering search for term

the application of practical & scientific knowledge to a methodical problem solving process.

Engineering Notebook search for term

a book that contains all design ideas, notes, and data with observations and calculations. It will provide an official record of an engineer or inventor's work.

Epicyclical (Planetary) Gear search for term

consists of one or more planet gears moving along an outer ring gear as a central sun gear drives them. As the planet gears are driven they typically move a planet carrier plate along with them.

Extrude search for term

a method of creating and modifying solid bodies within a part. The direction, depth, and taper angle are specified for the sketched geometry being consumed.

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Factor of Safety search for term

the amount of overage that a system can handle.

Fillets search for term

a placed feature that rounds off or caps interior or exterior corners or features of a part.

First degree of freedom search for term

the rotation about an axis parallel to the arm, a twisting motion.

Force search for term

an influence that causes a change of movement, direction or shape. Force is measured in units such as Pounds or Newtons.

Force of Friction search for term

the force exerted by a surface as an object moves across or makes an effort to move across it.

Free Current (Amp) search for term

the amount of current a motor will draw when it is under no load.

Free Speed (RPM) search for term

the maximum rotational speed a motor will run at when it is under no load.

Friction search for term

the force that opposes motion when two surfaces rub together.

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Gear Pitch search for term

in order for two gears to mesh, they need to have the same size (and shape) teeth on the same spacing.

Gear Ratio search for term

the relationship between the numbers of teeth on two meshing gears used to transmit motion. It reflects the change in mechanical advantage resulting from the gears.

Gears search for term

another method of mechanical power transmission. There are many different types of gears, and they are found very commonly in the world.

Gyroscope search for term

a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum.

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Helical Gear search for term

resembles a spur gear, only with their teeth are curved in the shape of a helix. These gears can be used to transmit power between two parallel axes of motion, or between perpendicular non-intersecting axes of motion.

Hopper search for term

a funnel-shaped chamber or reservoir from which solid materials can be discharged under gravity into a receptacle below.

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Ideate search for term

the process of forming an idea, a thought, or an image.

Idler Gear search for term

the driven gear spins in the opposite direction as the driving gear. Used for reverse motion.

Implement search for term

to put a decision or plan into action. 

Indexing search for term

a type of sensor-controlled conveyor, designed to move products in a series of steps rather than a continuous flow.

Innovation search for term

the process of producing something new or different.

Interface search for term

the communication between software, hardware, and or a user.

Iterate search for term

to do something repeatedly until a specific result is achieved.

Iteration search for term

repetition in order to arrive at a final solution.

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Joint loading search for term

the adjustment of the weight applied to a motor, which will allow for the motor to function within acceptable parameters.

Joint Speed search for term

the ability of a joint to move quickly without it being uncontrollable through the software.

Jumpers search for term

used to make changes to the default code.

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Kinetic Friction search for term

the frictional force between two surfaces that ARE moving relative to each other.

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Lever search for term

a rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third.

Lifting Mechanisms search for term

structures that provide elevation of a part that allows for movements in a vertical direction.

Light Sensor search for term

device that uses a photo cell which allows the robot to detect and react to light.

Line Following Sensor search for term

measures light or dark; it is used to determine whether or not the robot is on the line that it is following.

Linkages search for term

used to convert input motion into a different output motion.

Load search for term

the weight supported by a structure or part.

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Magazine search for term

a compartment attached to machines where goods are stored until needed.

Magnitude search for term

a number assigned to a quantity so that it may be compared with other quantities.

Maintenance Guide search for term

a manual that is approved and provided by the manufacturer of the component. It gives detailed operational procedures and the required methods of maintenance.

Manipulators search for term

components that provide the robot with the ability to interact with its environment. One example would be a gripper.

Manufacturing search for term

the process for the making of products by either manual process or by the use of equipment, often on a large scale.

Manufacturing Plans search for term

the detailed set of instructions that are needed to make or process raw materials into a completed product.

Maximum Static Friction search for term

the amount of friction that can be generated between two static surfaces.

Mechanical Advantage search for term

the ratio of output force to the input force applied to a mechanism.

Mechanics search for term

the branch of physics that deals with the action of forces on bodies and with motion, comprised of kinetics, statics, and kinematics.

Methodical search for term

the orderly or systematic performance of a task.

Microcontroller search for term

the computer component that controls all of the robots systems.

Mirror search for term

the process of creating exact copies of geometry or features positioned relative to the mirror plane.

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Normal Force search for term

the support force exerted upon an object that is in contact with another stable object.  For example: if a person is standing on a surface, the surface is exerting an upward force upon the person to support the weight of the person. 

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Object manipulator search for term

functions to obtain and control game objects.

Omni Directional search for term

a drivetrain that can move in any direction at a given moment, without waiting for wheels to steer.

Optical Encoders search for term

a device that converts motion into a sequence of digital pulses.

Orientation search for term

the relative physical position or direction of something

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Passive assistance search for term

the addition of something that is able to help the lifting mechanism’s actuator to lift the load. A rubber band is a good example.

Plow search for term

an implement consisting of a heavy blade at the end of a beam, used for pushing materials.

Pneumatics search for term

the use of air and other gases to provide motion. It is generally under pressure and the application of its use assists in design and control of machines.

Power search for term

the rate at which work is performed and energy is converted.

Prioritization search for term

organizing what the most important things for the robot to do during the game based on the rankings given during the Cost Benefit.

Proposal search for term

document that offers or suggests something for acceptance or adoption.

Prototype search for term

the original or model on which something is based or formed.

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Quantitative search for term

the process of estimating or describing by quantity.

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Rack and Pinion Gear search for term

a rack gear is a gear mounted to a straight rod, such that it moves in a linearly fashion when torque is applied to it by a spur gear (known as the pinion gear.)

Rendering search for term

the process of generating a shaded image of how geometry might look under a given set of lighting conditions, and based on a given set of materials.

Robot search for term

a programmable mechanical device that can perform tasks.

Robotics search for term

the science and technology behind the design, manufacturing and application of robots.

Rotational Speed search for term

refers to how fast something is moving in a circle. It is measured in units of angular-distance per time (i.e. degree per second) or rotational cycles per time (i.e. revolutions per minute.) When someone talks about “RPM” they are referencing rotational speed (i.e. when talking about the RPM of a car engine, one is describing how fast the engine in spinning.)

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Scoops search for term

shovel-like utensils that generally have a deep curved dish and a short handle.

Second degree of freedom search for term

linear movement, which allows motion in and out.

Sensors search for term

devices that collect input from the environment and provide information that the CPU can respond to.

Servo search for term

a type of motor that is only able to move 150 degrees.

Shock load search for term

an instantaneous spike of weight on a mechanical system.

Sketch search for term

the geometry used to define the shape and size of a feature while creating a solid model.

Skid Steer search for term

accomplished by varying the speed of the different sides of the robot.

Specifications search for term

detailed description or assessment of requirements, dimensions, materials of a proposed product.

Speed search for term

a measure of how fast an object is moving. It describes a change in position with time (or more simply put, how far an object will travel over a given period of time.) This measure is given in units of distance per time (i.e. miles per hour, or feet per second).

Spur Gear search for term

the most common type of gear. Spur gears transfer motion between two shafts running parallel to each other.

Stall search for term

the unexpected or unwanted stopping of an engine or motor.

Stall Current (Amp) search for term

the amount of current a motor will draw when it is stalled.

Static Friction search for term

the frictional force between two objects that are NOT moving relative to each other.

STEM search for term

= Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Strategic Design search for term

the process of determining what a robot should be able to do.

Structural Design search for term

the manner in which the load bearing or structural parts of a physical framework support each other while sharing the load or stress. Structural engineering is a specialized field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads.

Subsystem search for term

the specific component of the robot that includes the drivetrain, control system, and the manipulators.

System Integration search for term

when the subcomponents of the various systems are brought together into one system to ensure that the subsystems function together as a whole system.

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Third degree of freedom search for term

the rotation about an axis that is perpendicular to an arm.

Top Down Modeling search for term

beginning new part design from a previous sketch of another part model. This new part takes on characteristics that are dependent on the original model.

Torque search for term

a spinning force. Torque is described by the magnitude of the force multiplied by the distance it is from the center of rotation (Force x Distance = Torque). Torque is measured in units of force*distance, such as Inch-Pounds of Newton-Meters.

Traction search for term

the amount of force a wheel can apply to a surface before it slips.

Tractive Force search for term

the friction between the wheel and the ground; necessary for forward motion.

Transmission search for term

the transference of force between machines or mechanisms, often with changes of torque and speed.

Turning Point search for term

the point around which a robot is turning.

Turning Scrub search for term

the friction caused by wheels dragging “sideways” along the ground as the robot turns.

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Ultrasonic Range Finder search for term

sends pulses of sound out and reports the time at which the echo returns back to the sensor.

User Manual search for term

a document that is created by the manufacturer for any type of a device that provides all of the detailed installation and operating instructions.

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Velocity search for term

the rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed.

Views search for term

A distinct way to view a 3D model. Examples are Top, Side, Front and Isometric.

Voltage search for term

electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts.

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Wireless 802.11b/g search for term

also known as Wi-Fi which is the industry name for wireless LAN (WLAN) communication.

Work search for term

the exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.

Worm Gear search for term

comes in pairs of gears and worm wheels that mate together to transfer power between perpendiculars shafts that have axes of rotation offset from each other.

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Zero Radius Turn search for term

when a robot turns in place without moving forward.

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